Pure Hcg Mature Woman Menopause

10 changes that affect your body during menopause and how to address them with Pure hCG

Fatigue and sleep problems


Low self esteem

Mood swings and irritability



Weight gain and bloating


Fuzzy thinking

Low libido

Are you going through any of these changes that feel like a violation on your body right now? It can be extremely challenging and changing metabolism and relationships with food can be hard, especially where the body has always been a partner, and now it feels like an enemy.

So how can you move forward on this new phase of your life and not keep looking back and keep yearning for what was and to start to embrace what you are, understand yourself and feel good about where you are right now? The truth is a lot of women have spent their entire lives taking care of others so now is the ideal opportunity to really look in the mirror and say ‘Hey it is my turn now I need to take care of me’.  Let’s take a look at a holistic and natural approach which will help you through this journey and get your confidence and your body back where you want them to be, healthy and happy.

Having to make any small changes in eating and lifestyle is hard when it has been a way of life for so long but one of the most important things to help with menopause especially  weight gain is to really take a hard look at what you are eating right now.

Laying down some nutritious foundation foods are great for all women’s health and by getting into eating these foods will not only lift your mood but make it easier to gain control back over your body and protect you from illnesses like cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

Open the door and invite Pure hCG to walk into your life. The pure, natural, authentic drops and eating system will start working magic the moment you start the 20 or 40 day plan. The benefits alone of drinking water help with bloating, weight gain and flushing out the stubborn fat from your system. All this water helps maintain your skin’s moisture and hydrates your body leaving you feeling refreshed with a clear mind rubbing out that feeling of fatigue and exhaustion. Combined with taking the Pure hCG drops daily assist your body back into getting a regular good night’s sleep.

Starting to eat meals consisting of lean proteins like fish, chicken or steak will boost your iron needs which go down dramatically during menopause. Focusing back on eating these lean meats every day and also a few eggs will put enough iron back into your body and help balance your mood swings and irritability. A lot of women decide to stop eating properly to try and lose weight and this leads to a protein deficient body that is undernourished of the right nutrients which make weight loss difficult and leaves women feeling full of anxiety around their weight.

Part of the Pure hCG diet is consuming a daily dose of fresh fruits and vegetables and by doing so helps speed up your slowing metabolism brought on from menopause and triggers rapid weight loss.  Once you see the scales going down during the 20 or 40 days you are following the plan your self-confidence lifts and depression goes out the window and you will feel sexy again. Just by eating lots of leafy greens and a small amount of cottage cheese which are all packed with good nutrients will give you the calcium your body needs.  Menopause brings on the loss of estrogen which speeds up bone loss so your need for calcium increases greatly during the menopause years.

Although exercise is not needed to lose weight while on Pure hCG the importance of getting enough vitamin D during menopause is a vital key. Vitamin D is critical in helping to protect your bones during menopause so by walking outside in the sunshine and fresh air every day will give you enough of what you need. The extra benefits of being outside in nature is so powerful and even the biggest thing will become small as you feel the energy of nature work on you.

While on Pure hCG the foods to avoid are sugar, starches and a lot of processed foods. The Pure hCG eating plan has a fresh approach to foods and along with the magical authentic drops will kick start your weight loss and help to teach you which foods nourish your body and leave you energized and which foods to avoid during menopause and beyond.

If you are looking for an answer to this new phase of your life then why not start with the holistic, natural approach of Pure hCG to eliminate at least 10 changes that affect your body during menopause.