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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our more frequently asked questions. If you don't see what you're looking for,
please use our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Can men and women do the diet?

Yes Pure hCG is great for both men and women to do and anyone who has excess weight to lose and a body mass index of 20 or higher. If you are nursing or pregnant do not use Pure hCG.

Why Pure hCG?

It is 100% Natural – no side effects,burn fat not good muscle with no exercise needed and get fast results. Our Pure hCG increases energy levels, aids sleep and helps your stress hormones. We are Kiwis and you can buy our Doctor approved plans here in New Zealand with confidence knowing you will get our full support on your journey. 100% money back guarantee.

What about Exercise?

Exercising at the end of the protocol is the best way to build up lean muscle and get fit. This is as while you are taking Pure hCG it provides the body with the nutrients it needs from it’s fat stores when you are losing weight and still on the program. Most of the body’s energy goes into the maintenance of essential body functions.

Will I be Hungry?

Most people find that they will get hungry just before it is time to have their meal which is normal. Everyone is different so some people may need to have their piece of fruit eg: apple for breakfast instead of waiting until morning tea. The most important factor is to keep up your water intake.

Can I do a Low Calorie Diet and not take Pure hCG?

If you do a low calorie diet only this will not provide the necessary nutrients to maintain a healthy body. The hCG maintains the body’s functions using existing fat stores and aids weight loss. If you only did a 500 calorie diet your body would think you are starving it and start storing fat.

Are there any Side Effects while taking Pure hCG?

A lot of people can experience slight headaches and a feeling of lightness due to the change in their diet while on the protocol. This is because the body is detoxing itself. The positive side effect is the weight you will be losing! Pure hCG has been used for over 50 years and if you refer to Dr Simeons’s manuscript there is plenty of evidence of it’s safety. Before beginning any diet you should consult your Doctor as everyone is different.

If I have my period should I take Pure hCG?

Women should start taking Pure hCG after they have finished their period. Or if you start using HCG make sure you have ten days before the onset of your next period.

If I have had a Hysterectomy can I still do your Pure hCG Diet?

Yes it is perfectly fine use our natural homeopathic Pure hCG and follow Graeme’s eating plan.

Can I go out to a Restaurant and Eat While on the Diet?

People who are in postions where they need to eat out a lot can do as long as they stick to the allowed foods. If you cheat it will set you back three days of weight loss. If people eat only a couple of potato chips, a few salted peanuts or an extra orange this will bring on a definite increase in weight the following day.

Can I eat Eggs or Cheese instead of Meat?

Two large eggs are about the same as 100grams of meat but the yolk contains a lot of fat which is not needed. If you want to eat an egg you can but you must also eat the white of three eggs to the one you eat whole. Another choice occassionally is to eat 100grams of cottage cheese which is made from skimmed milk but no other cheeses are allowed.

What if I am a Vegetarian or Gluten Free?

We have meal options for both Vegetarians and Gluten Free and they work just as successfully by everyone who has followed these.

What can I Drink?

Pure water or mineral water, herbal tea, normal tea and coffee without milk. You can have your 1 tablespoon allowance of milk in one of your tea or coffee drinks per day.

Can I still use birth control?

Oral contraceptives may be used while taking Pure hcg and also other contraceptives such as meriden.

Can I do the protocol if I am breastfeeding?

No it is best to wait until you finish breasfeeding as the prolactin which is produced at this time intereres with our drops.

Will I get Constipated?

If you are drinking the right amount of water this will keep the feces soft and normal. Because of the restricted diet it is completely normal for people to have a bowel movement only once every three to four days provided plenty of fluids are being taken. If you are worried after four days then Metamucil capsules can be taken to help until this settles down. Also a cup of herbal Liquorice tea is an ideal tonic, I found the Healtheries brand is great and available at supermarkets.

Can I Drink Alcohol?

It is advisable not to consume any alcohol while taking Pure hCG and doing the protocol as even in small amounts it produces intoxication. When you are on the follow up programme a glass of wine with a meal is ok.

Why is my Husband losing more weight than me?

After the fourth or fifth day of dieting the daily loss of weight begins to decrease to 0.4 kilos or less due to urinary output. Men often continue to lose more regularly but women are more irregular even in spite of faultless dieting. For women there may be no drop in two or three days and then a sudden loss which re-establishes the normal average. These fluctuations are entirely due to variations in the retention and elimination of water which are more in women than in men.

Will I become Anemic being on a Low Calorie diet?

No. Even though you are on a restricted diet every time you lose .4kilos of fatty tissue which is almost daily only the actual fat is burned up. All the vitamins, the proteins, blood and the minerals which this tissue contains in abundance are feed back into the body.

How do I measure my BMI (Body Mass Index)?

BMI or body mass index is a measure of someone’s weight in relation to height. It’s easy to calculate one’s BMI. Simply multiply one’s weight in pounds and divide that by the square of one’s height in inches. If you are overweight then your BMI will be greater than 25; obese is a BMI greater than 30. Remember that BMI Is a rough guide.
Although BMI is accurate most of the time, it may overestimate or underestimate body fat. For example, BMI doesn’t distinguish between body fat and muscle mass, which weighs more than fat. Measure your BMI now!

What can I use instead of sugar?

Stevia is a safe and natural alternative and has zero calories and is available from the health shop.

Can I use Salt?

Yes but sparingly. We recommend using Himalayan Harvest natural mineral or rock salt. This is available from supermarkets and is a natural source of over 84 minerals and trace elements including natural iodine.

What happens if I have a late night and wake up the next day around 11.00?

No worries, have your drops as normal and weight yourself and then after wait for 15 minutes, start drinking your water. If you are hungry have your piece of fruit. Then have your lunch and dinner later that day as you still need to. Make sure you get an early night to catch up again.

Can I use make-up?

You are allowed to use only oil free, water based cosmetics. This is because any fats, oils, creams and ointments applied to the skin are absorbed and interfere with weight reduction while on the hcg natural drops. Oil free foundation, mineral powder and pressed powder, eye and eye brow pencil and lipstick are ok but no lip gloss. Dee found the QV Lotion was fine to use for your face and body as a light moituriser. Crystal Deodorant is great from the Health Shop and also if you want to use a natural toothpaste try Calendula Toothpaste also from the Health Shop.

Can I continue using shampoos and conditioners?

Yes as long as you don’t use leave in conditioning treatments. Also do not colour your hair either during this time. I found the QV Wash was great for using as shampoo and this is availalbe from the chemist or supermarket.

Can I use frozen vegetables?

Yes that is fine but it is better to use fresh vegetables when you can

Will I get food cravings?

You may find you get cravings in the first week if you are use to having alot of sugar, gluten and alcohol in your normal diet. These cravings will pass and you will find when you finish the protocol you will not want these foods so much anymore.

Do the drops have an expiry date?

No there is no expiry date.

If I don’t reach my goal weight can I take Pure hCG again and how do I keep to my goal weight?

Yes you can do another course after a 6 week break. Once you have finished using Pure hCG and protocol you will find you adapt a much healthier diet and approach to the food you eat. Because your hypothalamus gland has been reset and your metabolism is adjusted your eating habits will have changed for the better!. Therefore people find retaining their new weight is not difficult.