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5 Key benefits of losing weight in midlife

Wanting to get back the health and vitality of your youth? Then taking control of your body and losing weight may be just the answer you are looking for.

Once you hit midlife you have more time to make the most of that body you are living in as the kids have left the nest and you can put yourself first and start embracing your spare time doing things you love. You may have a bit more income than in previous life stages and you can now focus on your body and wellbeing and be more conscious of having good health and weight before reaching older age. But losing that extra 5 – 10 kilos becomes a struggle for a lot of people in midlife but it is more important than ever to be at healthy weight for your age and be in better shape to ward of any potential health issues.

But how do I start if I am overweight?

If you have had a lifetime of bad eating habits then you may need some help to guide you on the right track about what foods to start eating for a fresh start to a healthy midlife. A proven system like Pure hCG can kick start this for you as it is a fast and effective solution that can help reset your hypothalamus gland.  For some of you a little self-discipline may be all you need to reduce your weight to a healthy level by making smarter food choices and minimize any health concerns as you age.

Here are some foods which are rich in antioxidants and packed with vitamins and nutrients but are lower in calories to help you get started on your journey to a healthy midlife:

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Eating 8 – 10 servings of fresh vegetables and fruits daily helps slow the aging process. Go for broccoli, spinach, onions, garlic, avocado and any other leafy dark greens. Fruits to include in your diet should include apples and all berries.


The best oil which is high in healthy fat to use is extra virgin olive oil. This is the best one to use for cooking and it will also contain oleocanthal which works like an anti-inflammatory. Another great oil to use when cooking is coconut oil.

Fresh Fish

Eating fresh oily fish at least 3 times a week will supply your body with omega-3 fats which will help lower blood pressure and reduce the buildup of plaque in your arteries. The best choice of fish to eat is sardines, tuna and salmon which are all low in saturated fats and high in protein.


Great choices are walnuts and almonds as they are super high in vitamin E and when we age we lose lean muscle so eating more protein is essential to maintaining a healthy body. Nuts are also a protein source which has no cholesterol.


Include low fat cottage cheese and natural greek yoghurt which will supply the protein and calcium that your bones need and boost your immune system.


Including some natural whole grains like quinoa, brown or wild rice and oatmeal into your diet will give you a boost of full fiber and vitamins E and B.


By drinking at least 8 glasses of fresh water a day will keep you hydrated and help with skin health.

Here are the 5 key benefits to losing weight in midlife:

Focusing on good nutrition and being at a healthy weight will help you to live longer.

The risk of getting diabetes, stroke, heart disease or osteoporosis is less if you are not overweight.

Being the right weight means less stress on your vital organs. Your heart can operate without stress and even your joints will be more flexible and you will be able to do more physical activity easier than if you were overweight. Even walking for half an hour a couple of times a week can add another 3 – 4 years to your life.

A sharper and clearer mind is the result of eating a balanced diet high in antioxidants.

Feeling self-confident and having good self-esteem will keep you laughing and happy into your twilight years.