Oranges Help In Losing Weight

Does eating oranges help with weight loss?

I was curious as to what it is about the humble orange and weight loss was all about so I decided to dig a little deeper and here’s what I discovered.

A fact we all know is that oranges are packed full of vitamin C and also are rich in a ton of other vitamins like folate (vitamin B9) Thiamine (vitamin B1) Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5) and vitamin B6 – hell yeah that’s a lot of good stuff right! Oh and there’s more! Calcium Potassium and good ole magnesium are woven in there too.

Research shows that oranges help to protect our cells from oxidation as they act as an antioxidant along with the all the other nutrients in oranges. The blood orange is known to have the maximum benefit when it comes to preventing cell oxidation so look out for these beauties. Normally they start hitting the shelves of supermarkets and fruit shops or farmers markets here in NZ now till May and these are the Californian blood oranges and the only ones I have seen here are Moro. They have the darkest of flesh are have the richest flavor of all, almost a raspberry flavour.

Because oranges contain vitamin B6 they can seriously help protect our immune system and improve metabolism which is awesome.  They also contain a lot of dietary fibre which helps with regular bowel movements so eating an orange in the evening really helps alleviate any constipation issues the next day. YAY!

Oranges are full of the magical vitamin Magnesium which is a life saver when it comes to a lot of sleeping issues so ideal especially if you have trouble with insomnia. Also great for depression, anxiety and stress so by eating an orange before bed is super beneficial if you are suffering in any of these areas. Too much stress the body produces cortisol and if you have too much in your blood then you will have restless sleep for sure. So along with all the beautiful B vitamins Oranges are the perfect answer.

As far as eating oranges when dieting or trying to reduce weight they are your go to fruit as they are not fattening but are fat burners because the body uses vitamin c to break down the fat content in our cells. So if you are on any weight loss plan eating raw oranges will provide you with healthy calories, vitamins and nutrients as well as help burn your fat. The fat content in one orange is around 0.1gram and contain up to 1.2grams of protein which is interesting.

So go for it and with winter looming the oranges will be in abundance so stock up and get eating this gorgeous luscious fruit full of goodness that will nourish your body with health and give you that spring in your step! WHOOP! WHOOP!