Is There Any Danger In Hcg Diet

hcg diet dangers

What are the REAL dangers behind hCG drops? So you have tried every diet out there and are searching for something simple which will help you lose the stubborn weight once and forever? Let’s talk about a diet which we have done with huge success and one that interacts with your body by changing your hunger and preserving lean muscle while favouring fat loss, so what is this diet? This diet is the original hCG diet protocol which Dr Simeons created back in the 50s. You may have heard of this diet but are still skeptical about it because of the fast results people have achieved and maybe you are asking if this can really happen for you, if hcg is safe, if there are any side effects by taking hcg and what hcg should you be taking injections, drops, sprays or pills and what happens if you get the wrong drops? (Please note that this information is not at all medical advice but only serves as information to help answer some of your concerns about the hcg diet dangers) Knowledge is really powerful because hey this diet is not easy so knowing everything you need to know will help you decide what type of hCG to use and also help you to take the protocol seriously because it is not something you just have a go at or try. You will be better prepared to make this work for you.

The first question is hCG safe is a very common question and is not just a yes or no answer as there is a lot of different types of hCG which people are selling online and often it can be very confusing if you are a newbie to decide on which hCG is safe so let’s take a look at the options that you have to choose from and what the possible side effects maybe.

hCG injections

This is what Dr Simeons used in his original protocol back in the 50s but these injections are very expensive as they are pharmaceutical grade and are only available by prescription through a registered physician so if you are looking at doing hCG with injections it is vital to make sure you get it by prescription. HCG injections can have serious side effects due to people taking a lot higher dosages then what is stated for the hCG diet. hCG injections are mainly used for fertility treatments and these treatments use very, very large dosages of up to 4,000 IU (international units) each day than what is used for the hCG diet which is only 125 IU. So check what you are reading out there as a lot of articles that mention side effects and you will find these are related to doses of hCG used for fertility treatment.

hCG diet drops with synthetics or hormone free hCG

The alternative is purchasing pure hCG which is available as homeopathic drops but it is very important to make sure you are purchasing drops from a reliable source and are totally pure with no added synthetics. Synthetic or hormone free hCG is sold by companies who are trying to replace the pure homeopathic hCG and the ingredients they have in them are often a concoction of mixed herbs with no real hCG at all only synthetic hCG and other dietary ingredients. There are a lot of different variations of this hormone free hCG around and are often labeled as real hCG drops. To make sure you are getting only pure hCG you need to take a close look at the list of ingredients of any product saying it is real hCG. If it contains any herbs at all then it is synthetic hCG and you will need to check each of the ingredients as there can be serious side effects for some people who may react to different kinds of herbs. These synthetic drops when taken will make your journey on hCG take a lot longer and cost a lot more as you are not using the pure product so you will need to purchase more to get to your goal weight. A lot of companies are selling hormone free hCG due to the FDA stepping in and regulating hCG. There is a lot of information out there around the FDA and what they approve and one thing we know for sure is that the FDA have always approved  homeopathic products but what they haven’t approved is that homeopathic hCG works for weight loss. Therefore hCG is not listed as one of the approved homeopathic products by the FDA.

Pure hCG drops and Pure hCG Protocol or diet

These are the homeopathic hCG and this product is taken as with all homeopathic products sublingually or under the tongue and is the most effective form of hCG which works the same as the injections which Dr Simeons used. It is not pharmaceutical grade as are the injections but it is nutraceutical grade and the homeopathic process is designed to have the same effectiveness within the body. People who have used the real pure homeopathic hCG which focuses on releasing the unwanted fat not lean muscle have experienced fast weight loss combined with following a proven eating plan. Also this is the best choice of hCG to be using as there are no known side effects so it is safe and gentle on your system and you can take them without any worry about side effects. It is vital that you take your homeopathic drops with a proven protocol or eating plan to gain the best weight loss results. So what is the best proven eating plan or protocol to follow and does this have any side effects?

The hCG diet dangers

The hCG diet is based on eating a VLCD (very low calorie diet) of 500 calories each day and this is a huge change to anyone’s daily eating habits and is a way of eating that nutritionists and doctors do not recommend you do. To eat only 500 calories a day would be dangerous and is not approved by the FDA and is not for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women or anyone or has preexisting medical conditions. If you are unsure you need to check with your own doctor before you start. When you eat 500 calories a day along with taking pure hCG it is totally safe as the proven eating protocol provides high quality foods which are all part of healthy eating and provides a safe way of losing weight in a short amount of time. This is because the hCG releases the stored fat and your body then uses this fat for any extra calories it needs for fuel. The types of foods you will be eating are all high in protein, minerals, and vitamins and are low in fat so are all healthy choices.

hCG diet side effects

Everyone is different and some people do not experience any side effects but here are some of the possible side effects which you may experience when you are on the pure hCG protocol:

Headache and feeling light headed

For a lot of people this is very common and will happen in the first week after starting as you will be detoxing your body as well as losing weight. It seems to be the people that have been eating a lot of unhealthy foods with a lot of sugar that seem to be affected the most by headaches.  The best thing is to hang in there and take your usual Panadol to ease the pain. Also the biggest thing to do is to make sure you are drinking all your water as this helps to flush the toxins out of your body therefore eliminating headaches. Dizziness is common as well but this is usually only in the first couple of days while your body is adjusting to the hCG protocol as you are eliminating all sugar and processed foods quickly and once again water is a vital key here to balance your body.

Fewer bowel movements

It is totally normal not to have a bowel movement every day and this is due to eating a lot less food so you have less to get rid of, makes sense right. Do not worry if your bowel movements are 3 or 4 days apart and water plays a big part again to help keep everything flowing. Also there are alot of healthy teas around which will help keep your insides fresh and clean. Check out our favourite teas we love.

All of the above side effects only occur in a small portion of people who do the pure hCG diet and often they can be treated with common medications. Hey the cool thing here is that if you decide that you need to lose weight fast and want something that is safe then this is it. Also remember you are only on the pure hCG protocol for 20 days at the least so it’s not a lifestyle. You get checked by your doctor and then you start and you lose weight so what’s not to feel safe about? There has always a lot of controversy over the Pure hCG diet but you know what Dr Simeons had so many people who he worked with and thousands of success stories so the bottom line is that the diet really works so what have you got to lose. Go check out your best Pure hCG source today and get started on working towards a healthier you.