Is Hcg Diet Food Boring?

Is hCG diet food boring?

A lot of people wonder how they can keep going on hCG and say the food is plain, boring and tasteless. So what is not boring food? Here is something to think about when you are shopping for your food each week for yourself and family. It is so easy to go into a supermarket and buy convenience foods and these foods take up so many shelves sitting in brightly coloured packets but are all chokka full of chemical additives, sugar and GMO.

We happily buy these convenience foods knowing that they are not that great for us and can be destructive to our lives over the long term. Continuing eating a lot of processed foods leads to blood sugar issues and high levels of obesity throughout our world but we carry on and wonder why we keep putting on weight and find it tough to shed the stubborn unwanted fat from our bodies. A diet of eating high convenience carbs is the main cause of the struggles of so many people trying to lose weight and leads to endless food cravings, addictions, disease and obesity.

Do we even know what real food is anymore? Yes we think we do and we buy some of these at our local supermarket too for the want of desiring to eat healthy. These are all the fresh foods, fruits and vegetables and grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, full fats like butter, olive and coconut oils but a lot of us still smuggle in the wrong carbs and trick ourselves into thinking we are still shopping healthy. The endless cycle of gaining weight keeps going and we find ourselves year after year on the hamster wheel not able to get off.

The foods that make up the allowed foods on the Pure hCG Protocol are all these fresh and simple foods that nourish our bodies life force and promote natural healing. Over time our taste buds become that we dislike eating any foods unless it is coated or dressed in flavours. Well the exciting thing is that you can have all the flavour you desire by using an abundance of fresh herbs and spices that enhance the food that you cook each day making it far from boring! Also the more you eat different raw and natural foods in their natural state you will find that your taste buds start feeling so clean again and you start to become really mindful of what foods you are putting in your mouth.

Making a big change in our lives such as what foods we are eating each day takes commitment and willingness to stay the course even when the going gets tough. It has taken a life time to get the body you have today and when you sign up for the 20 Day Pure hCG Protocol it is only 20 days of your life and you will start seeing some changes in your body immediately as you begin to lose weight.  Over the course of the 20 Day natural Protocol you will learn what foods to fuel your body in the right way and what foods to avoid. The exciting thing is that by following the natural Protocol correctly this new way of eating gets into our brains and makes even more important changes around how we see food. I think the new definition of boring foods is fresh, simple foods that help you restore high level health to you and your family. A natural way of shedding the unwanted fat from your body and learning a whole new way of eating and living so you can experience greater  health for the long term and give yourself and your family a far better chance of avoiding deadly diseases.

What’s not to love! Check it out here.