Pure Hcg Lifetime Diet Failures Woman Hands On Face

Why hCG dieters don’t go back to weightwatchers

Are you are an expert dieter and have genuinely tried everything from the grapefruit diet to weightwatchers and after a lifetime of fails got to a stage you are feeling there is just no solution out there for you? A lot of diets come and go and the weightwatchers diet plan is one that has been around for yonks and is a popular one most people you talk to have tried at some time in their life when they desperately need to lose weight. It has helped millions of people lose weight successfully through the points system which is a way of eating that allows you to choose and portion the food you eat each day. Members heavily rely on this points system and going to weekly meeting to lose weight but a lot of people find it is such a slow way of losing weight too many ups and downs making them lose their motivation and give up. They give up on another diet which makes them feel like a failure again. Sound familiar?

Well what if I were to tell you there is a diet out there that has been around as long or longer than weightwatchers, that can help you lose weight and one which has also helped millions of people successfully lose weight and maintain it? One that will help you finally break the cycle of diet-weight gain forever. Help you feel the sense of satisfaction of having ‘done’ it and know you are now in control of your body and not food. Feel great about yourself and fit into society’s acceptable levels of size if this has been something you have wanted to do for years. To have a plan and be able to stay this size and know how you can manage for the future.

Sounds exciting right! It is and the name of this diet is hCG.  When the product Pure hCG is used it is designed to help you over a short period of time lose the stubborn weight that you haven’t been able to shift for years. This pure product works so effectively that your levels of motivation will soar from day 1 of the following the original protocol. So instead of having to spend your whole life in diet mode and letting losing weight totally consume you, as I am sure you have more things going on in your life, you can do this for a short duration of time and get amazing results. This Pure hCG diet is not sustainable over a long time but it is sustainable over the 20 or 40 days you are doing it for depending on how much stubborn fat you need to shift. Then as you get closer to your goal weight you will be able to have longer and longer breaks between each round of Pure hCG you do as you will be maintaining that new weight each time subconsciously knowing the right foods to nourish and lift you up and the foods to avoid which drain you of energy and leave you feeling flat.  You learn that you can start living a consistent healthy lifestyle at a maintenance level which is so much different than a lifestyle of yo-yo dieting which you will be able to leave behind and shut the door on. You can begin a whole new chapter in your life around dieting and eating.

Did you know that once you have done one round of Pure hCG something magic happens inside your brain? When you start taking Pure hCG along with following the VLCD (very low calorie diet of 500 calories a day) it brings about changes to your hypothalamus gland which is a gland that controls all that happens inside your body. Pure hCG contains natural amino acids to protect your major organs and help the body flush out the unwanted bad fat. It helps to control appetite and releases the body’s stored fat providing you with a constant supply of food along with the 500 calories per day allowance. You can burn 1500 – 4000 calories of stored fat losing up to 1kg a day. Your hypothalamus gland continues releasing the stubborn fat stored in your body and the results of this will keep you motivated to carry on. Once this gland is eventually reset and functioning normally again maintaining an ideal weight is not a problem if you have followed the protocol correctly. With the new knowledge you learn you will be able to tweak your eating and lifestyle patterns and change your habits long term. Some of those old habits you have probably held on to for years so you can now replace with new ones. With Pure hCG expect to learn how you can cook healthy foods and eat out in ways that will support you without skimping on taste. There are so many tools available to you that even if you hit a road block along the way you will be able to call on the team who will be able to offer you solid support on your journey to a healthier you. It is exciting as the Pure hCG diet is one that may sound extreme but it is totally safe and one that once you have done it will have you never going back to weight watchers or any other diet again.