What Is HCG Diet

What is hCG diet

Welcome to any of you who are new to the Pure hCG Protocol and diet in New Zealand. Here you can find out ‘What is hCG’ and ‘What is hCG in New Zealand, facts from fiction’

Firstly what the heck does hCG stand for? Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin phew that’s a mouthful! It is a natural hormone that a woman’s body produces in huge amounts when she is pregnant. But also males produce this hormone from their pituitary gland in small amounts.

Over 50 years ago a British Physician Dr ATW Simeons wrote a manuscript called ‘Pounds & Inches: A new Approach to Obesity’. He researched for years studying patients who suffered from obesity. To be better prepared I highly recommend reading this before you start your journey as this gives you a lot more details and will help clarify some of the language used.


He discovered by eating a very low calorie diet (VLCD) of specific foods and taking pure hCG by injection for a minimum of 23 or maximum of 40 days you will start to lose a large amount of weight in a very short time. Not only will you lose weight but fat will start to shift from those problem areas of the body – arms, hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach. This fat loss brings changes in the Hypothalamus Gland which is found in the brain and resets it so the body can start working correctly again. You can read a very interesting article here  Also he found that the body would resculpt itself naturally, not lose lean muscle and his patients were not hungry when they took hCG and they were able to sustain their day to day lives for this time. Unlike other weight loss plans if they ate a low calorie diet without the pure hCG they would give up after a couple of days as they started to feel hungry and tired.

Facts from Fiction?

In the States pure hCG has always been available in injection form by prescription through a registered physician and the FDA approve of this way of distributing hCG as they get a major cut from it. Then a lot of companies started selling the homeopathic version of hCG and the FDA ruling has been confused by a lot of media hype saying a lot of different things about homeopathic hCG. So here is a fact that we know: The FDA of America has approved homeopathic hCG and say there are no known side effects listed by using it. What the FDA hasn’t approved of is eating only 500 calories a day.

What is hCG in New Zealand?

Here in New Zealand a lot of people have been helped using the homeopathic version of hCG and achieved large amounts of weight/fat loss in a short time and massively improving their health and quality of life for the better. This method is so successful it has even helped people with cholesterol and get off certain medications. The hCG injections are also available through prescription by a registered physician but these prove to be very expensive to get the same results as the homeopathic hCG. The most important fact here in New Zealand is making sure you are purchasing from a reputable company only Pure hCG without any synthetics added. Added synthetics or herbs will only slow your weight loss done and make your journey longer and you will not reset your Hypothalamus Gland and body’s metabolism effectively which is what Pure hCG does so well. If you are ready to embark on Pure hCG and ready to achieve great health and wellbeing as well as a lean body then you are in the right place.

Here are some facts of what is hCG in New Zealand:

The weight lost using homeopathic pure hCG is fat not muscle

When you finish the protocol you can easily increase more muscle

When the Hypothalamus is reset the body subconsciously knows the right foods to eat and the foods to avoid without having to worry about continuing to count calories

Pure hCG helps control appetite and releases the body’s stored fat providing you with a constant supply of food along with the 500 calories allowance per day and assists the body in a normal and healthy detox resulting in weight loss from 7 – 10 kilos.

Here is a basic outline of Pure hCG Protocol and how it works here in New Zealand:

There are 4 Phases of the Pure hCG Protocol diet here in New Zealand

Phase 1 The feasting or Loading Phase to help the body restock before starting the next phase. This is a very important part and if it isn’t done correctly then the body will not have enough nutrients to kick start your weight loss and detox efficiently. Start by taking Pure hCG and only eat foods that are higher in fat and calories for 2 days. If you have been dieting a lot before starting hCG then Phase 1 helps you to gain more weight, which seems unnatural when you start a diet but which your body will need once you begin Phase 2. If you do not do this part correctly then your weight loss will not be as great. With the Pure hCG Protocol all the specific can’s and cant’s are outlined in great details for you.

Phase 2 The VLCD Phase losing weight is when you carrying on taking Pure hCG after your two days of feasting or loading the Pure hCG is fully circulating in your body so once you begin eating only 500 calories a day of specific healthy food choices this will start to trigger your weight loss quickly. It is vital when you begin this phase to start weighing yourself daily in the morning only to make sure you are keeping on track. This is because later in the day you will weigh more due to the amount of water your body is holding. It is important to measure yourself once a week as sometimes you will be losing inches as your body is redistributing the good fat and releasing the unwanted fat. You will need to make sure you are drinking your water allowance each day so your body can get rid of any toxins and metabolise your fat for fuel. Weighing out your protein allowance is also another vital part to ensure you are removing all visible fat. Raw meat weighs more than cooked meat as it contains higher water content. Another big no, no is to avoid any contact with oils on the skin as it is the largest organ and when taking Pure hCG your body is a lot more sensitive to fats. Let’s face it this phase is not easy but if you have properly prepared you will be able to achieve a successful weight loss during this time. If you don’t reach your ideal weight then you will need to take a break and do another round when you are ready and prepared to do so. If you cheat or fall off the wagon then it is important to reach out here for help. There are a lot of tools available to help you but you need to keep in touch and one on one coaching for those of you who are serious about getting this diet thing done.

Phase 3 Maintenance and stabilizing your new weight. This is just as important as Phase 2 so you will need to make sure you follow a proven Maintenance Plan like Pure Maintain which guides you on introducing the right foods at the right time. After you take your last dose of hCG which stays in your system for 72 hours while you are still eating 500 calories then after this you start adding certain carbs back into your diet but please be vigilant around sugar and use sparingly. The only sugar I recommend is Stevia and this can be used in Phase 2 as well. During Phase 3 it is normal to continue to lose weight. Remember everyone is unique and certain foods when introduced work ok for some people and don’t work for others. It is really important to listen to your body and follow the Pure Maintain Plan exactly so if your weight shoots up you can check what you have eaten and may find your body is now sensitive and you discover new food intolerances before you wouldn’t have noticed. Your body right now is in such a clean state you will be able to make any adjustments you need to stay on track. During this Phase it is a great opportunity to start some sort of exercise especially if have never exercised prior to starting Pure hCG. At this point any lean muscle you have has been retained and not lost which is the case with so many diets. Begin your journey into the exercise world by finding something which you love doing and which helps not only build strong muscle but which builds strong bones. This is especially important for woman as once you go through menopause bone density declines. Something to remember here is that if you start exercising hard then your weight will increase due to the increase in muscle. Phase 3 is all about maintaining your weight and if it is normal to fluctuate 1 – 2 kilos but if you go above this and you are not doing a lot of hard exercise then you will need to adjust and look at the foods you have introduced. Sometimes it may be that your weight has increased due to your body holding on to water and this may release naturally, if not you will need to do a steak day.

Phase 4 Maintaining or consolidating continues on from Phase 3  consolidating your new weight before you do another round if you need to or if you are happy with your new weight then this Phase is where you use all the new tools from your toolbox to help you consolidate your new weight while eating normally. In our members area Phase 3 and 4 is covered a lot more in depth with lots of new resources available to help you. We are always adding new information and tools here. Pure hCG is nothing like standard hCG diets out there or anywhere in the world as it is the only Pure protocol which offers you a total transformation from the inside out. Not just shedding unwanted weight but it is an educating holistic journey into your mind, body and soul. So if you are looking for a fresh, new beginning you have found it here with an extraordinary plan that works wonders and one that is PURE.NATURAL.AUTHENTIC.