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What is the Pure hCG philosophy

What I have found is a lot of people out there are still really confused about the hCG diet as they think they are using pure hCG along with following the low calorie eating plan and are not getting the results they want, they still have hunger and their weight loss is very slow and I want to help clarify the hcg diet for you if you are one of these people. There is a vital key you need to check when you purchase your hcg. It is so important that you buy hcg with the real hormone in it as this takes away your hunger by making only the stored bad fat available to your body so please check the label it should show hcg with only natural amino acids and no other weird herbs. Also when you take pure hCG along with eating 500 calories you will get the best results over the duration of the diet. Hey if you are going to spend a couple of hundred dollars you need to get the best product that will do the job right!

When I started my journey there was alot of talk around intermittent fasting and the research I found said it is a great way to kick start your immune system. It acts as a natural detox and with any detox comes the benefits of helping ward off nasty diseases. But I also found out when I tried fasting it made me feel so tired and grumpy and extremely hungry so each time I would stop after a couple of days and any little bit of weight I had lost went back on. I discovered by taking Pure hCG and following the eating protocol that was used in the 1950s by Dr Simeons to help his patients lose large amounts of weight over a 3 – 6 week time frame I didn’t feel hungry at all and I still had the energy to carry on with all my daily activities.

I researched some more and found that the FDA have stated that homeopathic Pure hCG is safe and there are no known side effects recorded from people who have used it which is great but they say that they believe eating only 500 calories a day is not safe. This makes alot of sense as when I was only fasting or eating very low calories I didn’t feel good at all but when I combined my eating with taking the pure hCG my hunger disappeared and so did my weight. ¬†After regular visits to my GP all my levels have come down, blood pressure, cholesterol and the health benefits I have now are enormous proving what I have done has worked and helped me maintain a healthy weight 6 years later.

The other major thing is that the real pure hCG hormone when taken while following the low calorie eating plan notifies the body to signal the hypothalamus to release only the stubborn stored fat which your body can then use for fuel to make up the calories it needs each day so even though you are eating 500 calories you will have more calories to use. This gland controls emotions and body fat and if you have been eating a lot of processed foods then this gland won’t work properly as the chemicals in these foods take away the natural HCG in your body overtime. Another reason people can lose their natural HCG is Candida which is yeast and caused by an imbalance in their digestive system which can happen if you have taken a lot of antibiotics for a long time. Only pure hCG works directly with the hypothalamus gland unlike the synthetic hormone free HCG. It is only the hormone Pure hCG that will reset your hypothalamus gland in this way and helps the body then subconsciously know what you should and shouldn’t eat.

By hormone free I mean hCG which has added herbs and synthetic HCG contained in it. The pure hCG does not contain any other herbs but the great thing is if you are taking vitamins you can carry on as it won’t interfere with pure hCG. When you first start on the hCG diet the most important phase is when you start on phase 1 taking the drops and eating and drinking what you like for 2 days. It is vital that you eat three good meals including good healthy fats to prepare your body to release the right fat and fuel your body correctly during the diet, that way you will get the best result for your body. The eating plan is strict and can sometimes be hard to follow by a lot of people but it is this way because of the rapid weight loss you get when taking pure hCG. Any diet or change in eating habits is hard but the great thing is that you only need to follow it for a short time to get great results safely and naturally transforming your body into a healthy state inside and out.

Therefore when you come to do the Maintenance Phase it is so vital again to follow a Proven Maintenance Plan like Pure Maintain which helps you slowly introduce the right foods back into your diet so your new weight will stabilize and one that offers you total support along the way.

At Pure hCG our philosophy is that we believe in only using the best, pure and natural product and authentic system that will help you¬†reset your hypothalamus and your metabolism will work better. The protocol will have trained your body and yourself to eat less and eat more of the right healthy foods which will build a solid foundation for you and create healthy eating habits beyond the diet for life. This is such a very important stage for you especially if you have a lot of weight to lose and need to take a break and do another round of the Pure hCG diet again until you reach your ideal weight goal. You can also have faith in the company you purchase your¬†pure hCG¬†through is authentic as we offer only¬†pure hCG and a proven program and proven maintenance plan, we are¬†real people who have done the Pure hCG diet ourselves and are there for you when you need us on your journey to a healthier you. So what are you waiting for let’s go do this diet thing and gain your health back once and for all.