What To Do If You Screw Up On HCG Diet

What to do when you screw up on hCG!


WOW! January is nearly over and a lot of you out there have started earlier to kick your unwanted fat to the curb and yes you probably have started with a roar of a new year, new you and all that jazz. Full of excitement and motivation and really want to do this diet thing when all of a sudden you make a mistake or dare I say it – CHEAT. eeeeeK! Especially if you have a lot of weight you want to lose let’s face reality it’s going to happen right. So I wanted to share some valuable insights into what happens and if you are falling off track cheat the clean way.

One thing which is really important to know is that if you are not using Pure hCG and are having hunger issues like cravings for chocolate and carbs then this will be a big part of it as hCG which isn’t pure and has other synthetics and additives will only cause hunger and stall your weight loss big time – FACT – you need to use Pure hCG to make sure you get the best results over the time of the Protocol especially if you have a large amount of weight to lose. Do it right with the right and most effective hCG that works and won’t make you feel hungry. If you are wanting to buy the pure stuff here is the link Buy Now

Often if you have dieted in the past without hCG cheating is not really that big a deal and you can miss a few diet days and then go back on without anything much happening to your weight. But when you have pure hCG in your system and you cheat then your body tends to gain the fat a lot quicker and hold onto it again and it seems to take at least 3 – 4 days to get back on track once you start eating correctly again. Cheating on hCG your weight loss will definitely stall out and the amount of days will vary from person to person and when this happens it really sucks because nothing is happening and your motivation can spiral downwards.

If this does happen to you firstly acknowledge yourself for the weight loss you have already achieved and how you have stuck with the Protocol up until when you cheated. You are not a bad person so don’t beat yourself up or feel guilty as you have already achieved an amazing amount of weight loss in a short time already. Next thing to do is to move on from your mistake and look at it as a learning curve in your weight loss journey and get back on track with the same roar you started at the beginning with. It can be hard but if you remember what inspired you to start in the first place then you can get inspired again to carry on right. If not reach out here for support Coaching

The weird thing is that if you do cheat and eat carbs then you will start to feel hungrier as by eating carbs or sugar your body reacts and naturally wants more of these foods which are not on the list.


If your weight has stalled out for 4 days then doing an Apple Day is the way to go but if you have cheated and your weight is fluctuating or going up then the best thing is to forget about eating your carb allowance and your fruit allowance and definitely cut back on your water intake for a few days until your body readjusts again. This is if you have cheated by eating more carbs and sugar then you don’t want to feed your body more of the same. Give it a break so it can clear the cheated foods out of your system. To make sure you are getting the right amount of calories for the day replace your carb and fruit allowance with more fresh veggies for your snacks. This is the clean way of fixing a cheat.

If you are consistently cheating it’s like sticking needles in your eyes and hoping the pain will go away! You will be constantly on a roller coaster ride losing weight, cheating, weight stalling out or weight going up, getting back on track then cheating again. If this sounds like you then maybe you need to quit until your head is on the right way and your mind is set on the target. Sometimes it is better to be aware of what you are doing emotionally then to keep going along this way and then feeling really deflated at the end because you haven’t lost the most weight that you could have if you had stuck the course. Then blaming yourself for being a failure, quitting or even worse case scenario saying the hCG diet doesn’t work! A couple of nuts during a round maybe ok for someone else it could be drastic for you.

So there it is and the big learning from cheating is that if you don’t succeed and get the weight loss you wanted then each time this happens you will learn from each round you do and I know it may sound corny but your body learns too. Each round you don’t do properly your body will still have learnt some new habits and ways of eating so the next round will become easier and easier until you nail it!

So if you feel like caving in here are some instant go to answers to help you get back on track:


Acknowledge yourself for what you have achieved so far

Drink a glass of water

Change your top to one you love

Put some of your favourite beats on and sing loudly

Dance to some music that makes your heart sing

Get outside and breathe in the fresh air

Get up and walk even around the house or up and down stairs if you have them

Write down 5 things that you are grateful for and read them out loud