Underactive Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue how does Pure hCG Protocol really help?


Hi Dee here and I really felt in my heart of hearts that I wanted to share and discuss my personal health with you today and hey it’s a big thing for me to share this, a bit scary and way out of my comfort zone but hey it is something that is really deep in my heart. I know it will strike a chord with lots of people reading this to help finding hidden health issues within yourselves as we all strive to live the happiest healthiest life ever right! But BOOM sometimes we hit a big, nasty speed hump along the way and go round and round like a ferris go wheel.

You may have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and adrenal insufficiency and muscle and joint aches.  Having Hashimotos and adrenal fatigue will most certainly cause weight gain, regardless of diet and exercise. I was in shape and feeling fit and healthy. I walked and exercised every day for 1 – 2 hours and followed a super healthy diet. I was healthy and active and then hello I hit Menopause and within 4 months I gained 10 kilos  for no reason at all and what was weird was my neck seemed to expand and get bigger, OMG!  My diet and exercise regimen had not changed even though I was becoming more and more exhausted and feeling like crap everyday and I am a positive person. The problem for most of us is proper diagnosis of adrenal fatigue and thyroid disease because I can guarantee you that 98% of the doctors misdiagnose because they just don’t run the correct tests which go deep enough.

If you are just not feeling 100% and hey you know something is not quite right and your body is not doing what it should do like before have a thyroid test done and if your Doctor says it’s all normal start asking more questions. I know for a fact that the standard blood test they do for thyroid and adrenal fatigue just don’t cut to the chase. I know as my own lab tests came back slightly low but they said that was normal! I knew something was out of whack big time. Sorry guys you need to ask your Doc for the tests and you may have to pay more for full blood tests that give you all the information on hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, but who cares to get to the root of the problem eh! It’s worth it, what’s a hundred bucks in the scheme of things.

By the way here is an awesome link to Dr Mercola’s Interview with Dr. Lowe around Low Thyroid

I couldn’t believe how awesome I felt, fit and healthy, on top of my game and work, family and living life to the full and then whamo! Hit me big time and I couldn’t understand it at all. I was still eating healthy, walking, running looking after myself but some symptoms started to appear and I just didn’t know what was wrong with me. I went to my local Doctor first and he prescribed a natural herb to help with hot flushes which had a herb called red clover in it and which I took. WOW! Within a couple of days I started to swell up and retain water. OMG I was like a camel with humps on my back, the Michelin man reinvented. I would pee in the morning at 0600 hours and not again until 9 at night – something was seriously wrong!  The funny thing was that the Doc said he would give me something to help with the water retention! Eeeek! Another drug is just not the answer. I made the decision to stop taking this herb and I searched online for answers and decided to a course in Acupuncture. I had never had Acupuncture before and the thought of needles made my head spin but it was my life saver. All the water I was retaining with each needle put into the right point my body released the water I had been hanging onto, it was like letting the flood gates open whoo hoo! I thanked the lovely Nicole in Mairangi Bay for giving me back the ability to pee again crazy when something like this function is taken away from you how much you love it when you get it back.

I continued my quest for getting my body and my health back and found out that the biggest thing that spikes the adrenals and thyroid is ‘Stress’. Stress is a major killer of so much within our bodies.  When we woman have major stressful situations happen in our lives autoimmune triggers are turned on big, huge time within our bodies without us knowing and Menopause is a huge contributor due to the major influence on our hormones going crazy so quickly. Every woman experiences this stage so differently as we are all unique so don’t ever compare your journey with others. Then weird stuff started happening to me – chronic pain in my left shoulder that not even a massage from your main squeeze would fix. Every night I couldn’t wait to go to bed fall into the crisp cool sheets and WHAM! So tired but totally wired with such a low libido. Hot, cold tossing and turning all night long. Cold hands and feet and the worst of all – bloating and weight gain. No sleep happening, finally drift off and then awake again at 2 or 3 in the morning and that’s it. Good morning world. I lost over 7 kgs of weight originally with pure hCG with no hunger, hey it wasn’t easy peasy but I did it and managed to maintain my weight until Menopause hit me like a freight train and hey I really had no answer so I finally decided to do another round of Pure hCG.

The results blew me away as nothing else I had done had helped and finally I did the Protocol and lost 8 kgs which was a huge confidence booster for me and it has really helped with reducing the swelling in my neck and I feel alot calmer within myself. My energy levels soared and after completing the Protocol I almost feel normal again. So if you are struggling like I was I definitely recommend doing a round of Pure hCG to give your self esteem a boost and lose some weight.  I am also so excited to be back into my bikini again and that is why I am sharing this picture with you as before I couldn’t even get it near me and the feeling I had about my self when I was carrying all that extra weight was super, super low. Now 8kgs lighter I still need to lose another couple of kilos but right now I am feeling happy in my own skin again. Don’t ever give up do heaps of research and find support but the best tip ever is to find someone who is on your wave link and I did that after months and months of searching I found an awesome Doctor who specializes in women’s health and hormones and knows about low thyroid and adrenal fatigue. Her name is Doctor Helen Smith and here is her link: Some of the answers around thyroid problems that you are looking for maybe here as she is the one who is currently helping me shift the extra weight and introduce me to some new ways of thinking and understanding about the hormone roller coaster that my body is going through which is totally out of my control.

Also I discovered a great list of foods below to eat which are all very helpful for anyone with Thyroid problems and for me I now follow the Mediterranean way of eating which includes lots of healthy fats like Avocados which I love and I also drink lots of pure green tea. If you have any stories to share around thyroid and adrenal fatigue that have happened to you please share the love here as I know I talk to so many women about these issues and the more information we share the more we can help each other through this stage in our lives. Health and Happiness XDee

Healthy Foods to eat for Thyroid Problems:

poultry, all fresh white fish, small amounts of good quality red meat, oysters, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, onions, olive oil, crabs, sunflower seeds, wholegrain products, cocoa products, leafy green vegetables, avocados, citrus fruits, red berries, tomato, all fin fish, coconut, coconut oil, kelp, nori seaweed, halibut, herrings, sardines, mackerel, haddock, anchovies, shellfish, macadamia nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, beans.