Eating On Pure Hcg Diet

Eating out on hCG diet

Hello! I have been asked so many times about what to do when eating out when on hCG diet. Here are 7 of my main tips to staying on track when doing the hCG diet and beyond!

Before you even embark on the hCG diet it is really important to check your calendar for big events like weddings so you can start before or after this. But you don’t have to give up your entire social life because you want to lose weight. You are choosing to be healthy so make healthy choices and remember you don’t need to explain to anyone else, it’s your choice!

  • If you are eating at a restaurant and you spy nothing that fits into the eating protocol hey ask them to make you something – easy it’s only clean, lean protein and salad or steamed veg. Use your voice.
  • Stay well away from any breads and dips or carbs to nibble on – this is a big NO, NO as they are all full of empty calories.
  • Splash out and order yourself one of the finest natural sparkling mineral waters in the world like S.Pellegrino to sip on instead of alcohol and indulge yourself.
  • Make sure if there is something you can order that they bring the sauces and dressings on the side not drizzled all over your meal.
  • Avoid desert but if you are longing for something sweet go for some fresh, healthy fruit for your treat.
  • Avoid all carbs especially those loaded with heavy cheese sauces like pasta and stodgy white rice.
  • Eat slowly and savour every mouthful and remember the healthy meal you have chosen will nourish and energise your body and keep you on track. AWESOME!

If anyone is struggling right now be aware that the choice is always yours to move forward or to move backwards as it all comes down to decisions and free will and you are the only one who can make the decision. The decision to stay on track or to fall off and eat something which isn’t on the allowed food list is all yours so you have no one else to blame and you know it only takes 5 seconds to decide.  You started this for you and you are so worth it. Often we give away our time, our emotions and our energy to help so many other people and put them first and make them the priority not ourselves. I know I have done this in the past myself but now I have learnt to listen more to my inner feelings, my gut because when you don’t and you have stopped listening it is usually because we don’t feel we are good enough.

So take one day at a time, make healthy choices for your precious body, live in the moment and learn to love yourself more and the life you are in as this is it right! You have one life and you are so worth living it being the healthiest you can be so let’s do it. The great thing is if you need support then here at Pure hCG we are always here to support you as we have been there before and we genuinely care about you and your journey:)