Phase 1 on Pure hCG – Loading Phase why do it and how it works

Fat loading, loading, gorging or just feasting on foods which have a high amount of fat is what you need to do on Day 1 of starting to take the Pure hCG.

Loading is a very important part of Pure hCG Protocol as quoted by Robin Woodall in her book she says this “Loading is a fundamental necessity for the entire protocol to work. Without loading, participants can experience symptoms of starvations for longer than two weeks.”

Also the creator and authority of the protocol Dr Simeons states in his book Pounds and Inches “One cannot keep a patient comfortably on 500 calories unless his normal fat reserves are reasonably well stocked. It is for this reason also that every case, even those that are actually gaining must eat to capacity of the most fattening food they can get down until they have had the third injection. It is a fundamental mistake to put a patient on 500 calories as soon as the injections are started, as it seems to take about three injections before abnormally deposited fat beings to circulate and thus become available. We distinguish between the first three injections, which we call “non-effective” as far as the loss of weight is concerned, and the subsequent injections given while the patient is dieting, which we call “effective”.

So what does all that mean to you?

Once you start taking the Pure hCG the relationship between it and the fat’s stimulation of leptin requires eating high fat foods to full capacity during the two days of loading to act as a catalyst to ensure enough blood leptin is stimulated by the third day which is the start of the 500 calorie eating plan and kick starts your weight loss.  The Pure hCG needs these two days get into your system so your stores of easily accessible fats is vital for when you start on the 500 calories you will have enough of the

So it is important on Day 1 and 2 to load as often a lot of people have been dieting for so long and missing meals and cutting out oils and good fats that their bodies are actually depleted of important nutrients and proteins. It may seem strange to be eating everything but it is a crucial part of the protocol as it will initiate a change in your metabolism. It is also known that a protein deficient diet makes the body retain water. To get the best result on Pure hCG your body needs to be restocked with good fats and proteins and this is why the loading or gorging phase is so important. So is you are someone who falls into this area who has been a long time dieter and skipping meals and not eating healthy then I recommend loading on highly concentrated foods such as pastries, fried meats especially port and bacon, mayonnaise, bread with butter and even some chocolate and icecream.

If you are someone who has been eating healthy and say you really cannot overeat as your stomach has shrunk this is wrong as no stomach every shrinks unless you have stomach surgery. Seriously though if you think about eating a cream doughnut and it makes you squeal then it would be ideal for you to load the clean way. If you are not addicted to sugar you can probably get away from clean loading with a couple of bowls of icecream and apple crumble thrown in. This is by eating three healthy meals and snacks during the day but meals that are full of good fats and oils to make sure you are getting these into your body as sometimes healthy eaters eliminate a lot of fats and oils from their diets.

Also if you have been eating a diet with a lot of processed and sugary foods this is important to help your body restock with good healthy foods.

So let’s talk about how to load?

First number thing to always do once you start the Pure hCG Protocol is to weigh yourself and then make sure you weigh yourself daily. There is no right or wrong way but the main thing is to think about is that loading is eating high fat foods with the purpose of gaining a bit of weight over two days while taking Pure hCG then this will give your body the best start to losing as much weight as you can while on the protocol.

A typical loading day would be consuming around 9,000 calories and about 700 grams of fat by eating a variety of foods for example what Graeme ate when he loaded was:

Scrambled eggs for breakfast with bacon and fried tomato, snacks of cheese and crackers, cake, sausage rolls, lunch of stir fry beef and rice snack of apple pie with fresh cream, dinner of roast NZ lamb, roast potato, kumara, pumpkin, beans, gravy, Yorkshire pudding, dessert of vanilla ice cream with chocolate pudding, after dinner snack of full cheese and crackers.

After the two days loading his weight had gone up by nearly 1 kg! Which is great as he restocked his body with the full fats he needed to start Day 3 of the protocol.

How much weight will I gain on Phase 1 the Loading Phase?

If you are a newbie and never done Pure hCG before you may find that after loading you gain between .4 and 1kg in extra weight before starting on the low calorie eating on Day 3. The great thing is whatever you gain you will lose that and more after the first or second day of the VLCD (very low calorie day) so do not despair! Often the first time you do Pure hCG your weight gain after loading is not a lot and this is mainly due to water retention. For first timers who have been already been eating a diet of high fat, high sugar and high salt there is no real change in your diet so that is why the weight gain you have is mainly water.

If you have already done a round of Pure hCG and are wanting to lose more weight and are doing another round then during the loading or Phase 1 of the protocol your body recognizes the Pure hCG in your system and also you have been eating a lot healthier during the protocol and during the Maintenance and Consolidation Phases so your body is actually in a lot better shape for the next round and may not be holding onto so much water.

Clean loading

This is for people who have been eating healthy before they start Pure hCG and also for the people who are on their second or third round so they can get to their goal weight. Their first load may have been one of high fats, doughnuts, cakes and chocolate but the second and third they will normally load cleanly. What does this mean?

This is loading by eating 3 healthy meals each day with high quality fats and oils and no carbs or sugar plus snacks during the day which are healthy fruits and nuts, protein drinks, smoothies. A lot of people who load clean do not put on as much weight but are still restocking their bodies with the healthy fats and oils which a lot of times healthy people don’t use much off when cooking etc. This still gives them a great foundation to start Day 3 the VLCD from.

Loading with the carbs and sugar is the traditional way to load by just eating whatever you want during the 2 days, bigger portions and including foods that are high in fat.

Will I lose the loading weight I gain and how fast?

Yes you will and if you are a first timer within the first 3 – 4 days of starting the VLCD some people just 2 days. If you are someone who has been eating healthy and loads clean then you will lose what you gain in 1 day but if you are someone who loads with sugars and carbs and it is your second time as you have more weight to lose then it may take a whole week to lose that extra weight gain. Here is something if you are doing it a second time and your eating habits have already changed then maybe loading clean is a better way to go for you.

Sometimes people actually lose weight after the first 2 days of Loading and the people who don’t gain or lose is due to the higher protein intake and as Dr Simeons states in his Pounds and Inches “We know that a protein deficient diet makes the body retain water”

So to recap most people do gain some weight after loading for the 2 days prior to starting on the VLCD especially if it is their first time but some have lost weight and some have stayed the same so this makes it clearer that everyone is different and everyone’s journey is different so the key thing to learn from here is to not compare yourself with someone else. Also a lot of people find their weight evens out over the course of the protocol so some people may lose a lot faster and some slower but at the end the weight loss is very similar.

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