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So often when I talk with people who are wanting to reach a healthy place in their lives, I hear I’m not good enough and I am scared as I don’t know what to do and where to start.  Fear often stops us moving forward and it is not healthy to live in fear every day. Work with me and I can help you embrace who you really are and heal physical and emotional pain so you can take control of your health and wellbeing and feel more connected discovering who you really are and what makes you happy. Contact me now for a 5 – 10 minute pre session confidential conversation phone: 0800 777 848.


Coaching 21 Day Kickstarter


WISHING and WAITING because there is another way!

Are you starting your journey with our Pure hCG Protocol and have an unhappy relationship with food, feel like you have a firm grasp on other areas in your life but still lose control when it comes to food, I can help. I am a qualified Transformational Life Coach specializing in wellness and mindset and can help you crack the code of emotional eating once and for all.

Feel like you are struggling alone, need some support on your Pure hCG journey?

Hello I am Dee and I help people liberate themselves from an unhappy and unhealthy relationship with food, so they can lead more joyful and mindful lives. Now I want to help you too. The 21 day Kickstarter is my Wellness Challenge designed to help you figure out why you are constantly turning toward food. Over 21 days together I will share with you the exact steps you need to take in order to crack the code of emotional eating.

You want to struggle less and live every day to the fullest right!

When you complete Pure hCG you want to be able to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full – even if there’s food left over. You want to go on dates, parties, dinner with friends and enjoy the company, instead of obsessing over what you will and won’t eat. You want the courage to put yourself out there anytime and be you, not when the scales give you the permission to do so.

The 21 day Kickstarter is designed specifically to help you discover and change what’s eating “at” you instead of focusing on what you’re eating.

I will inspire and motivate you on your journey and you will discover:

  • How To Stop Feeling Hungry
  • How To Silence Your Inner Critic
  • How To Soothe Yourself Without Food
  • How To Say No To People
  • How To Get Over A Mistake
  • How to Deal with Disappointment
  • How To Change Negative Thinking

Plus you’ll receive a 5 – 10  minute pre and post session consultation, 3 one on one 40 minute coaching sessions via phone or zoom and get access to me on a daily basis through my online Facebook community.

You will learn that there really is a mind-body-connection so when your body is talking to you, you know how to listen closely.

Over the 21 day Kickstarter there will be action plans, so you’ll have something to DO (not just think about).
Action is the key to change and I’ll help you do exactly that! Act and Do.

You want a kick start to get moving and start focusing on what you want then this challenge is for you! If you want to be motivated and inspired to show up every day then this is for you! Call me now on 0800 777 848 for a confidential chat or email me at dee@purehcg.co.nz

Health & Happiness

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