I was introduced to Pure hCG and Graeme’s Program by my sister’s friends who had done the 20 day programme and had lost between 8-10kgs.
I am definitely someone who is results driven and after seeing their weight loss I opted to give it a go. My goal was to look and feel great for Conference in Rarotonga and the few days that I was going to have in Aitutaki afterwards.
After turning 40 and giving up smoking in 2009 I had struggled to lose even a few kilos despite numerous diet/exercise regimes attempts and had often given up after a few weeks with no results.
On Pure hCG I lost weight immediately (which kept me motivated) and I can honestly say that I never felt hungry the whole time. I lost 8.5kgs on the 20 day diet and feel fantastic. It was one of the easiest and most effective diets I have ever done. I have received so many compliments and feel like a new person. It is amazing what a difference it has made to how I feel.
I had been suffering from reflux for several months previously and it stopped immediately on the diet.
Numerous friends are now on it as well as clients that I have recommended it to. Everyone has lost weight. If only we had discovered it earlier….. thanks Graeme!

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Christine’s Story… Lost Weight & Got Rid Of Reflux At The Same Time…