The three best things I have ever done in my life was marry my Kiwi husband twenty eight years ago, move to New Zealand and the Pure hCG program. People always thought I was tall and slim. I thought so too!
But the fact is I hid it well with the way I dressed. When I took my photo, prior to the diet I couldn’t believe how overweight I was! I was amazed how I just didn’t see myself the way I actually was. The photo was not a good look!!!
I have lost 8kgs on the program and I now weigh 54kgs. I feel fantastic! I am sleeping better, less stressed and feel so good about myself.
If you follow the program, to the letter…it works!!! It’s such a short time to be disciplined to create everlasting results.
Thanks for all your support Graeme & Dee!!

Jo Lanigan
Lifestyle Specialist/Residential Sales


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