I started Pure hCG 5 months after I had my baby. I struggled to lose the last 5kg to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. As I don’t possess much will-power to stick to any diet I was amazed how quick I saw results and how easy it was. It kick-started with a loss of 5kg in the first 10 days!! The fast results motivated me to continue with the program to lose another 5kg so I can wear a bikini with confidence on the beach this summer.

lemkeMy daily menu: Fruit – I have an omelette made with onion and tomato or salad for lunch and lean meat with heaps of steamed vegies for dinner. As snacks I have tea, strawberries or an apple . The drops take away any feeling of hunger or cravings.

I would recommend Pure hCG to anyone who like me wants to lose the stubborn kg’s to look fit this summer with no exercise!

Lemke’s Story – Lost 5kg…