Philly Lost Weight on Pure hCG and Surprised her Husband!

Hi my name is Philly and finally after a few false starts… nothing to do with Pure hCG, just my head and guess my heart wasn’t committed to changing my life. Since then, we sold and brought a new place and I got myself organised and brought the Chicken weighed and cooked it all and then free froze it down in a large container in the freezer.

I started my gorging 2 days before my Hubby went overseas for almost 3 weeks! Dropped him at the airport early on a Friday morning… and the weight loss journey to being happy and healthier began. Was so, so, so excited for him to see the new ‘old’ me when he came home ( I kept it a surprise)… My starting weight was as whooping 107kgs, I was horrified and didn’t start taking measurements until day 4 (which I wish I had begun at the start)
At day 12, I had dropped 8.2kgs which was amazing I was really starting to feel the difference and everyone was noticing… but I was even more excited about my measurements more than the weight really… I had taken extra measurements than in the book. 8.5cms chest, 11cm belly above my belly button. 6.5cms around where my belly button is. 4cms from my belly below my belly button. I had my boobies that sat on my belly that sat on my other belly that sat on my thighs when I sat down ewww yuck!. 14.5cm hips. 3.5cm shoulders. 4.5cm left arm. 4cm right arm. 4cm left Leg. 4cm right leg. 2cm from neck.

This ‘diet’ – Pure hCG has changed my life, I have so much more energy and I’m actually happier. The diet has been challenging at times, but it really made me realise that I emotionally eat and I eat when I’m bored. The meals that I used to have – ie Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner where healthy with a few twicks… but my god did I snack badly and excessively. To stop the wanting to eat EVERYTHING, I drank more water or a black coffee. Plus in the almost 3 weeks hubby away I painted fence, organised all the wardrobes in the house, the linen cupboard (it’s so pretty, I dont even want to close the doors lol!) the clockroom and the whole house got what you’d call a ‘spring clean’. I have so much more energy, I can actually run around with by 2.5 year old daughter thru the park and we actually get out and do more together because I’m not horrified about the way I look.

Hubby came home on day 19 – I lost 11.1kgs. Chest 11cm. Ab Belly Button 10cm. Belly Button 11cm. Belly below belly button 8cm. Hips 18cm. Shoulders 11.5cm L arm 7cm. R arm 5.5cm. L Leg 11cm. R Leg 12cm. Neck 3.5cm. My husband was totally shocked, he actually stood with his mouth open blinking… it made me feel amazing!

Easter came and we had friends over and we went out for Lunch, I was so on focus… ordered the light meal of fish cooked with no butter or oil just grilled. Then I went to the salad bar, lettuce and tomato and cucumber was doing really good… then I thought oh egg salad just one little piece of egg salad will be fine – yeah right. Was so delish I went back and had about 1/4 cup of it, then added a few picked onions, gerkins and cauliflower and cheese sauce. So then of course I had the 2 potato croquettes that came with the fish. By the time we got back home – 40mins later I was starving (go figure) said I need to eat, cause I felt like utter crap, had a litre of water and my 100gms of chicken between 2 pieces of bread with cheese and tartare sauce. I sat on the couch and had such a splitting head ache, my eyes actually hurt to move in their sockets. We put our little girl to bed and I had to go to sleep for 3 hours… I felt horrible when I woke and still had a sore head and eyes. The 2 days was a spiral and it then took me 5 days to lose the weight I had gained by being naughty. But I tell you what I so taught me a lesson that I will not let happen again. Binge eating is so, so, so, bad!

Today I feel amazing and confident having lost 12.8kgs. Chest 11cm. Ab belly button 27.5cm. Belly Button 19cm. Below belly button 11cm. Hipps 20cm. Shoulders 13.5 Left Arm 10.5cm. R Arm 6.5cm. L Leg 11.5cm. R Arm 15cm. Neck 4.5cm.

My biggest changes that I have noticed other than the weight on the scales and the difference on the measuring tape is – I have PCOS and Endo, my black colour under my arms has gone. I no longer snore, not as moody. And the first time EVER without fertility drugs I had a 28 day cycle. I am so much closer to my goal weight and being able to hopefully being blessed enough to have another little bundle to call me Mummy.

Thank you so much for all your support Graeme Jordan and Pure hCG, you and this amazing program have changed my life, my daughters and husbands forever! xo


Philly Lost Weight On Pure HCG