“Hi my name is Bonita and I decided to do Graeme’s plan as I had seen wonderful results from Graeme and also my sister in law. I just wanted to feel and look as good as they did so I geared myself up.

It took a few months to get myself fully prepared to do this huge challenge, occasions kept coming up for eating and drinking and I didn’t want to miss out!  One morning I woke up and I knew it was the right time for me.  As I work at a Liquor shop with wine and snacks all around me I knew I had to be strong. My friends, family and the people I work with at a Liquor shop were and have been my rock through this.  Always giving their support and encouraging me as I and they could see my body changing shape.

At the end of the plan I have lost 11.5kgs and stil losing weight now.  I have gone down two dress sizes and a shoe size, unbelievable where you store the bad fat.  I feel and look great and Graeme’s plan has been one of the best things I have done for myself especially losing my bum and my tum.

I am having fun with my new wardrobe and have learned what foods I should be eating again.  So go for it, is so worth it!  You can do anything for 20 or 40 days if you really want to. Thanks so much Graeme and Dee -” The first and last diet I will ever do!”


Bonita’s Success Story – Lost 11.5kg

My name is Monika Bednarkova. I am from Czech Republic and I have been living in New Zealand for nearly two years. When I arrived to NZ I was 60 kg, but with the different food and lifestyle, which is pretty awesome, I put on my weight around 10 kg and I could not lose that weight back. I had tried exercise, many diets and tablets with minimum help. Then I heard about Graeme Jordan’s Pure hCG protocol from my friend. I had tried your Plan and I am very happy with the result. I lost 8 kg in 21 days! Now I have my weight back. It is amazing. I can wear my favorite jeans again. I feel much more confident and satisfied with myself now. And all of that in just 3 weeks! Thank you so much for your natural plan and all your support – Graeme your 20 Day Challenge worked for me!

Monika’s Success Story 20 Day Challenge

Hi my name is Justine and I lost 12 kilos doing Graeme Jordans’ Pure hCG and did the 20 day challenge – Unbelievable but true! I stuck to the diet and must say this is the best weight loss plan I have ever done and SO Quick and healthy, thanks so much Graeme for introducing me to your natural way of losing stubborn weight and all your support! Justine.

Justine’s Success Story – Lost 12kgs

Hi I’m Caroline and I decided to do Graeme Jordan’s Pure hCG with my husband Brian. At the time we were running a business for 15 hours a day and not having the drive to get to the gym we were finding it hard with all the other types of diets to shed the kilos. Until we found this which is safe and natural. I have now lost a total of 39.7 kgs and am going to do a 20 Day round with my husband Brian so we can lose another 10 kgs each. We are both so grateful to Graeme & Dee for introducing us to this and we cannot thank you all enough. The support we received was fantastic and we both feel so much healthier and fitter than ever before.

Caroline Lost 39.7kgs

Hi I’m Cherie and I’m in the Middle East – QATAR – I picked up Graeme Jordan’s Pure hCG when I was back on holiday in NZ- have just finished and my weight loss was so regular and such a massive motivator for me. It’s amazing how success strengthens your willpower. Was pleased with my 8.8kg (was aiming for 9kg so can live with that – 8kg to go next time -looking forward to it. Even my shoe size has changed. Don’t need to photo-shop all my photos now. When I finished had to buy so many new work clothes – gave nearly all too big clothes to a friend (who has been successful on the diet too and needed a new wardrobe) Thanks Graeme and Dee Jordan for all your support and your natural weight loss program.

Cherie’s Success  20 Day Challenge

Hi I’m Kerry and I am 59 and I have a job which involves a lot of manual work but I have always carried weight around my chest and stomach area. I was introduced to Graeme’s natural Pure hCG and I lost 23.4 kilos in 40 Days. What I loved about Graeme’s Plan is it was quick and easy to follow and with a fantastic result with great support. I have had a heart attack and take pills which I continued doing on the plan with no side effects, my blood pressure has now gone from 100/90 to 100/75 and my sugar levels from 6.6 down to 4.6. I haven’t felt this good in years.

Kerry Lost 23.4 Kgs

Hi my name is Brian and I did the Graeme Jordan Pure hCG plan. I started at 114 kilos and got down to 98 kilos which is fantastic. I have stabilized at 98 kilos now and my wife and I are going to do the program together as I want to get down to 85 kilos. Thanks so much Graeme your program has been really great for me and I am really enjoying the new me and wearing smaller clothes and looking forward to doing the next course in time for Summer. Brian.

Brian’s Success Story

Hi everyone! I just did Graeme Jordan’s Pure hCG 20 Day Challenge and I wanted to share my results with you. Started at 64.4kgs and did the 20 Day Challenge and got down to 55 kgs – only 5kgs away from my goal weight. I will get back on track and hit my target but have been a bit naughty but miss feeling great so will definitely get back on track. Hey thanks guys for all your support and fantastic natural solution that helped me achieve my weight loss goal so far and one that really works. Thanks Graeme Jordan and Dee for all your support without that I wouldn’t have achieved this and feeling so good.

Hayley Is Looking Great!

“I started taking Graeme’s program because I had been struggling and worrying about the weight I was starting to put on due to starting the menopause. I have lost 10 kilos and now weigh 55 kilos!! I look and feel so much better. I found Graeme’s program so easy to do and I slept really well while on it. I love it because I can fit into my favourite clothes that were too snug on me. Plus I have also found my weight has stablized because the program has reset my metabolism and has really helped re-educate me on what foods I should be eating. I have more energy and feel so much better about myself. The programme really helped me with the menopause and I highly recommend it to any women like myself who need to lose the stubborn weight. It is a safe and simple way to jump-start to a healthier lifestyle! JUST DO IT!” Chrissy.

Chrissy’s Story – Lost 10kgs And Helped With Menopause!

I started Pure hCG 5 months after I had my baby. I struggled to lose the last 5kg to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. As I don’t possess much will-power to stick to any diet I was amazed how quick I saw results and how easy it was. It kick-started with a loss of 5kg in the first 10 days!! The fast results motivated me to continue with the program to lose another 5kg so I can wear a bikini with confidence on the beach this summer.

lemkeMy daily menu: Fruit – I have an omelette made with onion and tomato or salad for lunch and lean meat with heaps of steamed vegies for dinner. As snacks I have tea, strawberries or an apple . The drops take away any feeling of hunger or cravings.

I would recommend Pure hCG to anyone who like me wants to lose the stubborn kg’s to look fit this summer with no exercise!

Lemke’s Story – Lost 5kg…

Thanks for introducing me to your Pure hCG program!. I started the program on the 2nd January 2011 this was the year I wanted to lose weight and keep it off, three days into the program I couldn’t believe my eyes after gorging myself for 2 days and I still lost weight and kept losing without feeling hungry, grumpy, lethargic or tired. I was definately hooked and excited at the prospect of losing some weight before going on holiday and that I did 6 kilograms in 12 days and feeling the best I have in my entire life. I have been overweight since I was a teenager and was sick of doing diet after diet and not getting anywhere, this is the best thing that I have ever done in my life and I am so grateful that you introduced me to Pure hCG.

I found by the 24th day of my 40 day program I already have had so many benefits: I am extremely positive, have a huge amount of energy, I’m up really early and get so much done before I could never get out of bed and was always tired and couldn’t sleep at night, I concentrate better, I drift off to sleep with ease and wake up energized, Not hungry and I have no hunger pains which I had on other diets and then ended up giving up and putting the weight back on and more!, I feel so much happier within myself, I am extremely focused, I am not negative about anything anymore, I don’t worry so much as I have always been a worrier, my hair is in better condition, I can cook food without picking, I love getting on the scales every morning and I can keep up with my energetic grandchildren.

All I can say to anyone who wants to lose weight just do it don’t wait it will be the best decision you ever make. I sincerely wish anyone who starts Pure hCG all of the success that I have enjoyed. This programme has changed my life forever!

Here I am 6 weeks on, losing 15.1kgs that is 33.2 pounds of stubborn fat. I have lost 6 inches off my waist, 7 inches off my navel, 5 inches off my hips and 3 inches around my bust. It just feels amazing to finally rid myself of all that extra stubborn fat that I have tried to lose since I was a teenager… Thanks Graeme for Pure hCG and your program which helped me achieve my struggle with my weight loss.

Corinne’s Story – Lost 15.1 Kilos In 6 Weeks!

When Graeme introduced his program to me it all made sense. For the last 10 years I’ve slowly but surely been turning my tummy into a keg! (I love wine…) Even though I exercise it just kept creeping on.

After 15 days I’d lost 6 kilos and dropped 2cm on my waist. My bodyfat has gone from 23.2% to 17.5%!
3 more kilos and here’s the 6 pack! (By the way – I’ve never had one before!!!!

Brent Owairaka

Brent’s Story – 6-pack At 56 Years Of Age?