Why choose Pure hCG?

We are real Kiwis who live in beautiful New Zealand and have done a round or two of Pure hCG, we know what happens, the struggles and the celebrations and we have shared our stories, real and raw with no gloss. We know in our hearts that we can help you if you are feeling unsure of starting and unsure if this will work for you too as we have helped so many awesome people since we began this journey in 2010. Pure hCG is totally safe for men and woman and the cool thing is that a lot of couples or family members choose to go do this together making it an even more AWESOME journey for all of them.

Why Choose Pure HCG

Pure hCG is manufactured exclusively for us by an FDA approved facility in the USA with the highest of quality control standards that absolutely align with our values here in New Zealand.

  • Pure hCG is known to help reduce fat in areas that are difficult to lose fat, where even the hardest eating plans and exercise routines fail, no good muscle is lost only stubborn fat.
  • Fast weight loss so you don’t have to struggle with a diet for months on end. In fact, if you are just trying to lose up to 10kgs in 20 days then this is perfect for you and the great thing is that you won’t feel hungry.
  • You’ll have more energy so you can live life to the fullest instead of crashing daily on the couch gaining even more weight.
  • You’ll be able to sleep better with your new found health, no more snoring!
  • No need to exercise, it’s optional! No more agonizing planks or need to go hard out running to burn off the fat unless of course you want to for the fun of it.
  • Don’t feel hungry or deprived of food which is one of the reasons Pure hCG ticks all the boxes.
  • Pure hCG is an all-natural substance with ZERO side effects because it is made naturally in the body so you can happily carry on with any medication, vitamins or minerals you are taking – check of course with your GP before you start for peace of mind.
  • Regular intakes of Pure hCG drops strengthens your immune system.
  • Once you complete the Pure hCG Protocol and Pure Maintain it can help create long lasting results for weight management and wellness helping you live a heathier life long term sharing memories with your family and friends. If you are looking for more sustainable results check out the 21 Day Kickstarter Challenge.


What does Homeopathic mean? Homeopathy is derived from the Greek words homeo (similar) and pathos (suffering). Homeopathic medicine was created by Samuel Hahnemann in the 1700s, facing high mortality and limited success with conventional medicine. The main principle of homeopathic medicine rests on the idea of similar, meaning ‘like cures like’: using small amounts of a substance that would normally produce symptoms of a disease in healthy people. Another principle of homeopathy is receiving the purest, natural, authentic form of the solution which makes for a more effective treatment.

Find out more about Pure hCG and you can start your fast weight loss journey to a healthier you with us supporting you every step of the way. Pure hCG is so different to any other diet or way to lose weight out there as it is not a diet it is Protocol, a pure and effective treatment for fast weight loss and obesity, but it does require focus and dedication to get there. If you stay the course, believe in yourself and have the support of people who genuinely care then you will enjoy success and experience the true magic of Pure hCG like so many others already have.

Health & Happiness Graeme & Dee Jordan, feel free to phone us personally anytime on 0800 777 848